I haven't been able to finish and publish any good posts recently because I've been SUPER busy with work and kids and drinking and sleeping, but I wanted to stop in today just so you all know I'm still alive and kicking and annoying and random as ever.

I'm basically an attention-deficit clown juggling a million balls all at once and the ball labeled "blog" is the one that I let drop because if I drop the one called "kids" that's kind of abuse and I don't want to hurt or ignore my kids. Or go to jail.  I'm not prison material, yo.  I also refuse to drop the balls labeled "booze" and "sleep" for obvious reasons.  Clearly.  It's all about the priorities, people.

So I'm here, breathing and rambling and swearing and ranting, just in this place called real life and not so much on the internets or the Twitter lately.  I'm hoping everything slows down soon so I can pick up the blog ball I dropped and pay some damn attention to you guys for a bit. 

When I am back more, I'm STILL not gonna drop the booze ball though.  I'll balance that motherfucker on my head or juggle it with my toes or some shit because it's the one ball keeping me sane and smiling.

Oh, hi there.  Just me.  Phoning it in.  And I'm calling collect so you have to pick up the tab.  I'm lazy like that. 

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