A Mish-Mash of a Post In Which I Ramble. Welcome to My ADD.

At Long Last I Can Go Hiking and Get My Arm Trapped By a Boulder!

Actual Photographic *Proof* That Jesus Showed Up For The Rapture, but Then Got Too Busy Doing Something Else to Follow Through

If I Die Young, Bury Me in Dirt, Not Satin. Preferably in a Box. Wearing Footie Jammies.

I Sure Hope I Get the Last Laugh On This One.

How I Single-handedly Cancelled the "Rapture." OR, At Least Guaranteed My Spot in Heaven to Avoid the Ensuing Chaos

Well Well Well, Look Who Decided to Start Working Again.

I'm Like a Superhero. A Bitter, Bitter Superhero.

In My Defense, The Librarian Was Probably Out to Ruin My Childhood and Send Me to Juvie at a Young Age

I'm Sad. Like, Bottom Lip Out, Pouty Sad. With a Tear or Two.

"Someone" Knows His Wife Well, Now Doesn't He? Thanks Hubster!

100. Like 300, but 1/3 of That. Plus No Hot Half Naked Spartans.

I Embarrassed Myself in Ways that Surprised Even Me.

Contact Me! I Need the Validation!

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