Half Assed Weekend Post of Randomness, Now With Dry Weave and Flexi-Wings

I'd Like to Thank the Academy, but Technically Since They've Never Given Me Anything and I've Never Done Anything Worthwhile, Then I Guess Thanking Them Would Be Asinine.

Why do I Suck at Crocheting?

Forget Linda Blair. I'm Dealing with a Haunted Puzzle Here People.

My Secret Girl Crush

And the Winner Is........

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride. But I Suppose Already Being Married *Would* Put a Damper on Any Future Engagements or Weddings I May Have. Dammit.

Yep. It's THAT Topic.

I Find Myself in Love with an Inanimate Object. Yet Again.

I'm a Comment and Follower Whore

The Carb Cravings are Dwindling & I'm Feeling Way Less Stabby, but I'm More than a Tad Tired of Seeing Lettuce, Which Likely Led to My Torrid Affair with Salmon


Random Musings for the Day Volume II

In the Mood to Do Something Kind and Generous and Meaningful?

A Calorie and Family Filled Stroll Down Memory Lane

Bedtime Stories With Ms. Sarcasm

A Link to A Way Better Blog That Points Out How EXACTLY RIGHT NOW is the Time to Panic.

This Week's WTH Moments

Contact Me! I Need the Validation!

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But don't take what's not yours unless you ask.
Feel free to link me though. And refer to me a lot. And sing my praises.
End of discussion.
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