How Not To Bake

The Hubby Called Me Something Very Mean Yesterday and Forgiveness Can Only Be Earned Through Diamonds

The Good Wife. Kind of.

I Was So Desperate for a Post Topic I Went to a Random Blog Post Topic Generator and Still I Ended Up With Diddley Squat

When a Bad Mood Strikes I Hit Back with Some Mean Shopping Damage

For Your Valentine's Pleasure: Fun Games We Married People Play

Something Strange Happened on My Way to Bed


I Practically Have a Medical Degree Just By Virtue of the Vastness of My Medical Knowledge.

When the Super Volcano Blows, I Will Become Your Ruler.

I'm Totally Posting about the Blizzard, Just Like Everyone Else. So Tough.

Who Doesn't *Love* a Math Lesson from a Toothless Man at a Gas Pump?

Contact Me! I Need the Validation!

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