I'm Totally Posting about the Blizzard, Just Like Everyone Else. So Tough.

Snowpocalypse update. 

I'm reporting to you live from the aftermath of the 2011 Snowpocalypse.  I'm pretty sure we should be thankful for all this snow.  Cuz it's likely prevented the real apocalypse we have to look forward to.  The zombies.  Probably.  Too cold for them to start wreaking their havoc yet.  Plus, they'd freeze out there and become ice mummies.  And who's ever heard of a mummy apocalypse?  That'd be awkward for the mummies, cuz they can't move.  Or bite.  Or eat.  So they'd lose that war pretty damn fast.

Gas station math whiz was right.  People ended up with 200 inches of snow.  Almost.
We're at like 17 inches, which is about right on target for what they were predicting.  I was skeptical that we'd actually get that much.  We all know how predictable the weather can be. And we all know how *accurate* weather forecasters are.  A majority of them are men, so they have their inches and sizes all sorts of confused.  Like to them, this is actually 8 inches.
And they will do their goddamn best to convince you of it too. And if you're drunk, you'll either believe it, or forget about it, so they're safe in their dirty measurement lies.

So when they predict 15 inches, we can typically expect a dusting.  But alas, they had this one down.

It doesn't look like 17 inches until you're out in it, shoveling and snow blowing.
At least, that's what the Hubby has relayed to me through his ski mask, while gasping for air.
You won't catch my ass out there in that insanity.
I'm doing my womanly jobs.  Inside the house.
When it comes to snow duty, lawn care duty, trash duty, recycle bin duty, gutter and downspout duty, I go all traditional, 1950s role on your ass.  Those are the man's jobs.

I'm on my second pot of coffee.  Wee One is napping early cuz she didn't get the memo that we were to sleep in today while stranded in the blizzard.  So she was up at 6:30.  Bossy Girl is outside climbing the new Mt. Everest in our neighbor's yard.   After blogging, I may watch a movie.  But nothing with snow in it.  So that takes Frozen and The Shining and Alive off my list.  Have you seen Frozen, by the way?  IF I were someone who enjoyed skiing, I'd never go skiing again after seeing that movie. 

Well, at least we have enough food to last us until June. Cuz that's how long it'll take for this effing snow to melt.  I caved into the hype and hit the grocery store twice before this happened.  Everyone had their "necessities" that they had to have.  For me, it was peanut buttercup cookies, coffee, Toffee Nut Coffee Mate, stuff for homemade chicken noodle soup, cereal, chips, and brownies.  I've eaten some carbs.  And I don't care at the moment.

If you are a snowpocalypse survivor, did you head to the store?
What were your "necessities?"

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Rosalind February 2, 2011 at 11:20 AM  

I am so glad that I live way south and bitter cold for us is 32 with rain. I bet your jealous now. However, when we have that slight chance of snow and ice its the same thing around here. I stock up on spam. Lots and lots of SPAM.

SarcasmInAction February 2, 2011 at 11:23 AM  

How do you eat your Spam Rosie?
Fried, with cheese?

Spam is that one item that will last all time, even after nuclear war. The world will be repopulated with Spam and cockroaches. Spamroaches. Or Cockspamaches.

Becky February 2, 2011 at 4:22 PM  

I am north of St. Louis, and got caught in the blizzard on my way home last night. A semi thought he did in fact own the road, even though we couldn't actually see it. And since I was in a vehicle considerably smaller than him, I didn't argue the point even though it stranded my car in a ditch.
I caught a ride 15 miles back into town (away from my children, waiting for me at home) and snagged the last available hotel room.
The girls went to the neighbor's house and I will be catching a ride home from the hotel tonight.
Tomorrow will consist of finding a way to dig out my car.

Mama February 2, 2011 at 4:58 PM  

Snacks. All sorts of them. I called it Snack Attack. My husband called it Snack:30.

SarcasmInAction February 2, 2011 at 6:13 PM  

Becky, I'm glad you are okay. I hope you're home with your kiddos SOON!

Mama, snack attack 2011 occurred simultaneously with Snowpocalypse 2011 at my house as well!

Erin February 2, 2011 at 8:27 PM  

I went to the store Monday and bought Lucky Charms, champagne, pre-mixed margaritas, and a can of Lemon Pledge. The Lucky Charms and champagne are gone, the margaritas are half full, and I haven't even touched the Pledge because who the hell wants to spend time dusting when there are Lucky Charms to be eaten!? All in all, I think I get an A+ at blizzard preparedness.

SarcasmInAction February 3, 2011 at 9:37 AM  

Erin, you TOTALLY rock blizzard preparedness.
I nominate you to head of Homeland Security AND the American Red Cross.
So when the zombies strike, you'd be in charge of helping people survive. With cereal.

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