Merry Happy Christmas Holidays

I'm a Holiday Elf on Crack


It's My Hermit Time of Year

Let's Hear it for the Boy

My Kind of Coupons

**UPDATED** One Year Anniversary. Holy Hell.

Because I Said So

Relationship Advice from Me to You. Really, People. What The Hell Were You Thinking?

The Happiest Halloween is a Drunk Halloween


Something Very, Very Bad Has Happened and I'm Very, Very Scared So Hold Me.

It's Practically a Study in Effective Marital Relationships.

Don't Call Me Monica

Uterus, You're Fired!

My Cats are Pretty Much Useless.

Once Again I'm Reminded of Why I Absolutely HATE Working Out. It's too Bad it's Kind of a "Necessary Evil."

I'm Way Too Lubed Up to Blog Coherently Right Now

REALLY, Birds?

Blogger Challenge Catch Up. Days 3 and 4 Combined Even Though I Should be on Like Day 8

Day 2 of the Blogger Challenge. You Need a Psychiatric Evaluation for Reading this Stuff.

100 Day Blog Challenge. Which Like Everything Else I Do, I'll Start, Then Never Finish.

I Bet Even Dr. Phil Would Have to Agree that Sometimes, a Throat Punch is *Totally* Your Best Option.

We Caught Meth Germs. Or Herpes. Meth Herpes, Maybe?

A One of a Kind Welcome to Seventh Grade

The One in Which Bad Toilet Paper Sends me on a Downward Spiral.

How to Kill an Insect in 17 Easy Steps

I Have a Feeling that After This Post, Food Network Will Be Calling me For My Own Show.

Contact Me! I Need the Validation!

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