It's My Hermit Time of Year

This is the time of year when I get the urge to go all antisocial, creepy old cat lady and hole up in my house and never leave.  It's probably the fact that it's colder and colder every day and snow is in the forecast and it's dark at fucking 4:00 in the afternoon which affects vitamin D levels and ups the depression ante with seasonal affective disorder..... whatever the reason, I simply want to turn on the fireplace, make pots and pots of coffee, read the internets, bake some shit, and never leave my home.  This is exactly probably why I secretly hope for the zombie apocalypse to strike at any time.  Then I'd have a logical excuse to never go outside.

What's super crazy is that I love this feeling.  I know I'm the opposite of most people in that I live for winter and blizzards that cause you to rush to the supermarket to stock your pantry so you don't have to leave your house for a few days.  I realize this is probably weird to most of you, but it explains why I'm thoroughly searching Canadian and Alaskan real estate listings lately.

I drew you a rendering.
Click to enlarge.

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