Let's Hear it for the Boy

I've come to the realization that I quite often make the Hubby the butt of my sarcastic and rude humor on this blog.  And although he does technically ask for it what with the stupid man DNA stuck in every cell of his body, I figured I should dedicate a post to positive attributes that the Hubby does in fact have.

They are:

1. he mows the lawn and takes out the garbage.  I loathe both those tasks.
2. he cleans the bathrooms.  I  loathe that task.
3. he cleans the litterbox.  I loathe that task because I dry heave like a motherfucker whenever I get near it.
* I realize now that he cleans more than me and I'm a lazy asshole when it comes to household chores.  Meh, don't care.
4. he's an overall EXCELLENT daddy to our girls.
5. he puts up with my shit-storm of crazy.  And he still seems to like me.
6. he's seen the contents of my uterus and vagina and he still likes me.
7. he doesn't seem to mind that I literally never shave my legs.
8. he will often commiserate along with me when I go off on my "people are stupid" rants.
9. he has a gun because he wants to protect his family.
10. he drives when we take road trips.
11. he lifts heavy objects and reaches the highest shelves for me.
12. he likes to lay on the couch and watch movies with me.  Even scary movies, which are my favorite.
13.  He loves watching The Walking Dead with me.
14. he compliments my cooking.
15. he's a computer wiz.
16. he puts up with not only me, but my family.
17.  he patiently allows me to write about him on this blog and hasn't divorced me.  Yet.
18.  he has been by my side since we were 17 years old and when I need independence and space, he steps away a bit, but when I need support and guidance, he steps closer.  Regardless, he's there next to me, close when needed, farther away when needed, but always holding my hand.
19.  he loves me and I love him and he is the reason I'm a momma of amazing little girls and we have a great little family.

And that is all.  It's so much more than enough.

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