Resolutions I May or May Not Follow Through With

Round and Around and Around in a Roundabout

Sushi and Antlers and Friends, Oh My!

Christmas Musings

A Beautiful Morning

So Something I Would Do

A Whole Lotta Oddness

A Pseudo-Interview with an Awesome SheBlogger that I Will Now Claim to Know Well. Oh yeah! You Mean Julie the Wife? TOTALLY Know Her. We Go Way Back.

The Post in Which I Contemplate Pee

Video Musings

I Got My Mind on My Money and My Money on My Mind

One of Those Mornings Where All the Littlest Things Go Wrong and I Have a Temper Tantrum, Thereby Securing Some Therapist's Job for Years to Come

Tales of a Fugly Sweater Saturday

I Don't Understand My Cat. Meow.

It's a Crisis People! Take Shelter!

A DMV Journey

It's My Birthday....Well, La De Fricking Da.

Santa's a Pimp


12 Days of Christmas, Sarcastic-style

Contact Me! I Need the Validation!

Fancy Copyright Stuff

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But don't take what's not yours unless you ask.
Feel free to link me though. And refer to me a lot. And sing my praises.
End of discussion.
Peace out.

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