A Whole Lotta Oddness

In my daily browsing of online news sources, I came across the most interesting, and slightly disturbing blog called The Body Odd on  The post on the blog today is all about a new reality tv show called "My Strange Addiction" on TLC that spotlights people's weird habits and obsessions.  For the entire world to see. This show will premeire next week.  Check out the blog here
Anyway, as I read this post, I was struck with one thought, and one thought only. 
What the hell is wrong with people these days?
Seriously.  There is a woman, who allowed herself to be identified, who admits to turning on her hairdryer, putting it under the covers with her, and sleeping with it every night.  Even though she's aware of the fact that it could burn her, or start a fire, or kill her in her innocent, warm and cozy, sleep.  A sleep probably filled with dreams of blow outs at a salon and warm, breezy walks on the beach.  And possibly campfires or burning houses or charred flesh. If that doesn't deserve a WTF, nothing does. If blowdryers were meant for sleeping with, wouldn't they be more soft and snuggly? Obviously.

A psychologist is quoted as saying "nothing people do surprises me."  Well it surprises the hell out of me, and likely the rest of us "normal" "average" "typical" "boring" folk. (I use those terms loosely when referencing myself, because they don't all fit me. Clearly.)

What other strange things are people doing, you may wonder?  Well, according to the blog, they're eating toilet paper, sucking their thumbs, rubbing their pant legs repeatedly, and having meaningful relationships with life-size dolls.

Some say these behaviors come from some sort of childhood fascination or trauma that people can't shake.
I say we can only blame our childhoods for so much. I mean really people.

When I was little, I would always order breakfast for dinner when eating out at a restaurant.  I'd regularly have pancakes at dinnertime, and I loved it.  But, you don't see me wearing pancakes today. Or tucking a few flapjacks into bed with me.
When I was maybe 6 or 7 years old, I was blamed for smashing some dude's watermelons in his garden when I didn't do it (the actual fruit, not his "melons").  No one believed me, and I got in huge trouble.  Eventually, my good name was cleared, but you don't see me running around and taking out my anger, resentment, and aggression on fruit today. Or collecting fruit.  Or sleeping with it.
When I was little, I loved to sip the foam from my grandfather's just freshly cracked open can of beer.  You don't see me drinking too much today... actually....  Wait.  Nevermind.  Bad example.

I learned three lessons from this blog post on The Body Odd.
1.  People are way more effed up than I thought.
2.  The field of psychology will always have job openings available.
3.  Hair dryers can be used for more than just hairstyling purposes.  They can replace blankets and significant others and/or pets in bed for warmth.  (Don't be an idiot.  Do not try this at home.)

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