The Post in Which I Contemplate Pee

Warning!  TMI  (Too much information) If you have standards, don't read this post

I am currently having introspective thoughts and deep contemplations, as well as conducting online searches, as to what is up with my pee.
Forgive my bluntness and poor manners, but it's kinda smelling like onions lately.
And I don't eat onions all that regularly.
So, I do what all hypochondriacs, wannabe doctors, and true scholars do.  I Google my problem.
First I went for the straightforward query, "Why does my urine smell like..." and this is what Google's lovely autosearch feature pulled up:
Apparently, and thankfully, I'm not the only one with these kinds of concerns.  I learned that when you are super dehydrated, your urine can smell strongly of foods you've eaten recently. 

So how can I be sure I'm dehydrated?  I do Google search #2.  I go to type in "signs of dehydration" when Google offers up these options:

Demonic possession?  That search is for another day.... likely tomorrow.  I can only handle one issue at a time.
I have more pressing matters.  I've gotta know more about my urine.  Then, I notice the Hubby looking over my shoulder at my urine searches, and I can tell he's giving me that "you're one step away from being committed look."  I guess "reasonable" people don't spend lots of time Googling pee.  Or blogging about it. Whatever.

So I tried another search I thought was logical:  "Pee obsession."  And I get this from the autosearch:
WHAT THE....??  What kinds of people are either A.  Googling about peeing on pandas?  or B.  Actually peeing on pandas?
And what about poor Carl being peed on? 

Well, after all is said and done, I learned that I'm dehydrated (turns out pee isn't supposed to be goldenrod in color) and I eat too many foods with onions in them.  So I decide to drink more water.  And eat better smelling food.

I cut back on my coffee consumption today and drank a load of water.  I visited the restroom five times during the work day, when normally I would go just one time.  And stupid me, I didn't go quick before I left work to get the kiddos, so I really, really had to go on the way home.  I announced that I really, really had to go, and Bossy Girl's solution?  "Just pee your pants Mom.  I've done it before, it's not too bad."  She's definitely her father's daughter.  I glance in the rearview mirror and see Wee One, who grins at me from behind her pacifier with an all-knowing look that said true dat, and probably peed in her diaper to confirm her sister's point.

To conclude my urine musings, I decided to look up the definition of pee in the holy grail of all reference materials, Urban Dictionary. 
You're welcome, readers.

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