A Pseudo-Interview with an Awesome SheBlogger that I Will Now Claim to Know Well. Oh yeah! You Mean Julie the Wife? TOTALLY Know Her. We Go Way Back.

A while back I wrote about my favorite female comedians. here   I sent out  a few email requests to some of my favorite female bloggers to see if they would share which ladies of comedy they enjoy.  And I got a response from one of my absolute favorite queens of blogging: Julie the Wife.  I'm giddy and smiling like an absolute idiot right now because I'm super excited that she replied to lowly old me.  I hope she reads this cuz I'm totally sucking up.  Big time.  Check out her blog, become a follower, and be prepared to laugh. 
A Day in the Life  Whoreticulture Friday cracks me up every. single. time.

Turns out I may have to add Julie the Wife to my list of stalking subjects (after Mike Wolfe American Picker Stalker,  David Beckham, and Robert Pattinson), because she likes many of the same comediennes that I do.  Her reply:

I love Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, they're smart and can be cute and snarky at the same time. Sometimes I think Sarah Silverman is funny, and sometimes I think she goes too far, and then I find out she wets the bed and I feel like I should give her another chance because it's the right thing to do. Chelsea Handler's book My Horizontal Life was hysterical, but I know if I met her in real life she would probably look me up and down, throw a vodka on the rocks in my face and walk away. She scares me a little. Amy Sedaris is great, and The Bloggess is about my favorite person ever because she's funny as hell and all heart. I started watching SNL in 1976, and I have to say that was about the most formative thing in my creative life. Still can't believe I never tried to get on that show.

I'll link you to The Bloggess too, because it's another excellent blog that I follow.  The Bloggess  She recently did such an amazingly generous act of kindness and giving, you've gotta read it and see.
And I love the irony of Julie the Wife mentioning bedwetting in her response, after my post about pee yesterday. Pee Musings
Good stuff.

So, it's been a banner day for me.  I slept in.  I drank coffee.  I ate chips.  My pee doesn't smell like onions currently. I rented movies.  I wrapped Christmas presents.  I taught Wee One how to pick up toys after she dumps them.  I received an email from a blogger I look up to. There may be chilled wine in the fridge....
Ah.  It's good to be me right now.

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