Sushi and Antlers and Friends, Oh My!

I've had a blog post idea dry spell lately.  I went out into the general public to do some shopping today, maybe get some inspirational lube from random people to end my dry spell....
I'm so disappointed there was no arguing over $1.87 in the returns lines as I saw a while back.
There was no long lines or line budging.
There was zero post-Christmas shopping drama anywhere.  Snooze.

I guess I could talk about my sushi cherry being broke last night.
I went out with some old, old, OLD friends from way back high school days for dinner. I'd never had sushi, but being game for just about anything (a trait that totally got me into a lot of trouble back in the day, btw), I figured what the hell. If all else fails I can swing through McDonald's on the way home.

The friends I was with are funny folks.  Literally hilarious. Crack me up everytime. I tend to snort when I laugh hard (don't make fun, it's genetic.  My mom does it too.  I can't control my DNA.) and there were some loud snorts last night, let me tell you. You know you're with good, quality people when you can discuss food, alcohol, oral "activities," reindeer, the Fonz, the Red Light District, "surprise" pregnancies, and charcoal butt pads all in one sitting, all the while insulting each other with sarcasm and wit.  And LOVE.

I in no way wanted to attempt to eat anything raw, so I stayed away from that and went safe, as in California and Manhatten rolls.  Do you think there's a Gary, Indiana or Fargo, North Dakota roll?
The spicy mayo was pretty good.  And I'm a total spicy food wuss. The asparagus and crab meat and cream cheese was a nice combo.  I couldn't even taste the eel.  Gives me the heeby geebies just thinking about the fact I ate eel.  Gah.
Everything was cooked.
Everything settled nicely in my tummy.
Everything tasted and smelled funny when I belched later on at home.  UGH.
There was a slight communication gap between us and our waiter which made it kind of fun, but we managed.

Will I need to have sushi frequently now?  Nope.  Will I eat it if I'm stranded on an Asian island where the only food to sustain me is sushi?  Yepper. 
If these same friends full of fabulousity and naughtiness and laughter ever ask me to sushi again will I go?
In a heart beat.

Thanks kids!  You made the sushi taste even better.  But not my lemon drop martini.  That was good all by itself.

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Carolyn @ December 27, 2010 at 9:56 PM  

OK, I already like your blog. If for no other reason than the fact that we both snort when we laugh. We must be related somewhere along the line. . .

Stewart December 28, 2010 at 12:56 AM  

Steph... you have not worn out your welcome.... yet. But tread lightly, sista, the waters are deep and murky.

and by that I mean...

It was nice having you spend the evening with us. Your snarky demeanor and playful attitude were appreciated.


Mrs. Tuna December 29, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

Sushi is your friend, embrace it.

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