What's For Dinner Tonight?

I absolutely love to cook.  There is something so fun for me about sitting with all my cookbooks, making a meal plan for a week to create a grocery list from, and spending an hour of happiness in the grocery store.  I watch Food TV a LOT.  I love Top Chef (I'm a Tom Colicchio Groupie)  Did you see the season with Sam Talbot, by the way?  A hottie.  Who can cook.  I think I just had a mini heart attack thinking about it. I want to email them and propose a season of amateur Top Chef.  I'd puree and saute and flambe some serious butt. 
But for some reason tonight, I don't want to cook a thing.  I had a bad day at work that included a mini outburst/emotional meltdown/panic attack/possible temper tantrum.  You know you have them too, folks. 
I'm making pasta for Bossy Girl and Wee One.  The Hubby has his MBA class tonight so he's not a concern.
Me, I'm having cheeseburgers. Likely a half a bag.  And then for dessert..... wine.
Thise chips are AMAZING! Ignore the healthy whole wheat bread on my counter, focus on the Doritos.

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