I Have a Much Better Post Planned But I Can't Finish It What With My Currently Dying and All.

My Personal Non Political, Non Religious, Short and Sweet (unlike this title) Manifesto

Lamely Kiss and Tell

Boredom Rant with Lots of Run On Sentences. Shut the Hell Up, Grammar Police.

What Ms. Mediocre Has Learned in her 26th Year.

The Hottest 4th of July I Can Remember

What Kim's Learned in Her 33rd Year

Happy Fourth of July

Things I've Learned in My 33rd Year. Plus a Call for Guest Posters.

Contact Me! I Need the Validation!

Fancy Copyright Stuff

Don't steal my stuff.
Read it and enjoy it and love it a little. Or a lot.
But don't take what's not yours unless you ask.
Feel free to link me though. And refer to me a lot. And sing my praises.
End of discussion.
Peace out.

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I am a wife, mommy, and all around productive member of society. Usually. I'm pretty much a legend in my own mind.


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