What Kim's Learned in Her 33rd Year

Remember my all-call for guest posters last week?  I wrote a post on things I have learned during this 33rd year of my life.  I asked for fellow writers and bloggers to share their lists as well.  I received a lot of responses, and today I'm featuring my very first guest poster.

I'm super excited today to host the fabulous and funny Kimberly from Yep. They Are All Mine. 
A HUGE thanks to Kim for being so willing to share the things she's learned in her 33 years on this planet.  When you're done reading and checking out her awesome pics, head over to her beautiful, fun blog stat and become a follower.  You won't regret it.

Enjoy Kim's list!!

***I'm so happy to be guest blogging here! I love this idea...and any excuse to make a list excites me more than it should. I took a quick glance through my blog archives and came up with themes from my 33rd year:

I like IPA. A LOT.
Fine selection of IPA.

Motherhood does not get any easier.
Quite the contrary, in fact.

Twitter is stupid.
I *knew* this, but in my 33rd year I've learned it firsthand.
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Watching movies you weren't allowed to see
as a child with your own children -
is not a good idea.
The Goonies? PG? Really?


Taking pictures with my iPhone is exponentially
easier than dragging out a big Canon.

Instagram is the greatest invention known to Kim.

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You can create secret groups on Facebook
and have secret conversations
between the secret members.
It's like party line for 2011.

Googling images for party line
will pull up some naughty pics.

I'm a social media whore.
{Not even going to try googling that one.}

Wearing 80s clothes to a friend's
40th birthday party will cause a series of
naughty texts from the husband.
Rockin it tonight.

Getting a tattoo at 19 hurts like a motherfucker.
Getting a tattoo at 33 after birthing
three kids is a walk in the park.

Weeds is the best show ever.

You're never too good for purple pills twice/day.

The support of good real life friends makes everything ok.
And WAY more fun.
Happy 40th birthday, chip!

I think every city I visit will pale in comparison to NYC.

Filming a live TV shot in your house will cure you
from all stage fright and will pave the way for vlogs.

I think I'd rather go back to high school than relive my 20s.

I wonder if I'll say the same thing about my 30s when I'm 43.  ***

I cannot afford therapy; therefore, I blog.

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