I Couldn't Fall Back Asleep Last Night So I Woke Up Late but I Couldn't Call in to Work Because "I Was Up Late Working on My Zombie Outbreak Preparedness Plan" isn't a "Valid" Excuse. Whatever.

I May Have Scarred My Oldest Daughter for Life.

I Prefer My Birds Fried in a Bucket, Extra Crispy Style.

If the Hyatt Calls, I've Never Seen Their Towels Before in My Life. What Missing Towels? (*throws towels in dryer*) aka Part II of When I Did Chicago

I Spent a Couple Days in Chicago and All I Got Was a Free Newspaper. That I STOLE FROM A HOMELESS GUY. I'm Such an Asshole. But in My Defense, I Don't Know Hobo Etiquette.

It Was Pretty Much an Emergency Situation in the Toy Room Today

I Really Have Nothing to Share But I Haven't Blogged in a While So This is What You Get.

An Open Letter To David Beckham

Things I Googled This Week

Lent Brings Out My Inner Catholic Girl. And Then After A Week of Avoiding the Thing I Gave Up (which is always a food or alcohol product), I Tell Her to Shut the Hell Up and Send Her Back Where She Came From.

Half-Assed Weekend Post of Randomness. Now With Four Wheel Drive, Charlie Sheen, and Old Ladies.

My Lack of Trust in the Intentions of Others is Epic and Well-Documented

My Favorite Blog Posts That Don't Belong to Me

A Mood-Swingy Monday

Contact Me! I Need the Validation!

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But don't take what's not yours unless you ask.
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