I May Have Scarred My Oldest Daughter for Life.

This past weekend as we were rushing to get dressed and out the door to enjoy our Saturday, Bossy Girl ran into my bedroom and collided with me as I was getting dressed.  I had on everything except my shirt, and she stared at me, wide-eyed, first at my bra, and then at my stomach.  The look on her face was pure shock.  Then she quietly reached out and touched my tummy, asking, "Mommy, what happened to your belly?"

What was she referring to?  My old, pregnancy-induced stretch marks around my belly button.  And let me tell you, I have some doozies.

So I put on my shirt and sat her down to explain.

Well, when you were growing big in Mommy's tummy, my skin couldn't stretch very far and this is what happened.

Her reply, "I scratched you?  I'm so sorry."

My response, "no babe, you didn't scratch Mommy.  I have a small tummy because I'm a small person (5'2) and you were a big, healthy baby (8 lbs) so there wasn't much room so my skin... well, it tore a little to make more room for you to grow healthy and perfect."

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped in horror as I know she probably pictured something a little like this

I explained to her that it was nothing she did wrong and it didn't hurt Mommy at all and in the end who cares because I have TWO perfect daughters who both took their turns growing big and healthy in Momma's tummy.

She smiled and hugged me then, and whispered, thank you Mommy.

She then asked if she'd get marks like that someday too.  I answered that I had no idea.  Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn't.  Her response? Oh well.  I hope I get big boobs like yours too.

That's my girl.

So, I hate to disappoint the men out there, but most of us Moms don't pop out babies and immediately go back to perfection as Hollywood shows time and again.  I have a Mommy body.  And although I do wish I looked like this

I don't.  And you know what?  I could give a shit about it because I have TWO healthy, perfect, blue-eyed, happy little girls running through my house, carrying around my heart with them.  Stretch marks be damned.

However? If I ever get enough money and courage, I'm totally getting a tummy tuck.

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