It Was Pretty Much an Emergency Situation in the Toy Room Today

When Bossy Girl was 4, she really got into the Wizard of Oz.  She would watch it over and over again, as anyone does with a movie they love. When she turned 5, for Christmas that year I thought it would be a great idea to get her the Barbie collector's edition Wizard of Oz dolls.  They were quite expensive at $39.99 a Barbie, but with some coming from the Hubby and I, as well as her grandparents, we were able to get her pretty much the entire set of main characters.  Plus one munchkin.
Because we're famous, we must protect our identity.  Also, I show my love for my kids by covering their faces with hearts.  To represent the love. (hey, it's better than a bag)

This morning we went to gather some toys for our road trip to the city (Chicago) for a few days.  Cuz we're on Spring Break and we never go anywhere warm like Florida or Cancun.  Quite honestly, the thought of me in a bathing suit makes me throw up a little in my mouth.  So the city is good.  Although?   We know how people in the city are.  There may be random people in bathing suits anyway.  Like the Naked Cowboy in NY.  At least he looks good half naked. 

Anyway, what do I discover in the playroom?  My Wizard of Oz dolls are all out of their collector's boxes, half undressed, and wearing each other's shoes! 
I mean, Bossy Girl's Wizard of Oz dolls have been played with because they are hers and she should enjoy her dolls.

But seriously?  Why would you rip Glinda the Good Witch's crown off her head and put Dorothy's red slippers on her?  It's just plain wrong.  Hello? Dorothy needs those slippers to get home. Plus?  Glinda was completely naked except for the ruby slippers! (which is kinda hot and totally the fantasy of a few men I'm sure.)  That's gotta be sacrilege and offensive to Jesus.  Somehow.  Although I bet the munchkins like it.  I hear they're perverts.  I apologized to her profusely as I dressed her back in her magic sparkly dress.  It's not okay to offend royalty by forcing them to take their clothes off.  It's something I read once when I was learning how to be a real princess. For my future Roman colony.  Unless they like being naked.  Then hey, they're royalty so they can do what they want. (notice I call her Glinda, not "The Good Witch."  We're on a first name basis because of our shared royal status)

And the poor Tin Man?  He was barefoot and missing his ax and oil can.  How is he supposed to stay flexible and oiled without his can?  And for the love, why is the Wicked Witch carrying around Toto in his basket in one hand, and Glinda's wand in the other hand?  It's not okay people!  Are you gonna tell me that the Wicked Witch was all, hey Glinda, can I check out your wand for just a sec?  And Glinda was all, sure why not? Are you looking to replace that ratty broom? Amazon has some good wand deals with free shipping. PLUS? Toto got away from the Wicked Witch and her evil flying monkeys. He didn't say with her and live happily ever after in her picnic basket.  


I had to spend 15 minutes getting my dolls Bossy Girl's dolls put back together again and safely back in their collector boxes.  But not before Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion and I had a discussion about what to do in case this happens again. (We didn't feel it was necessary to include the Scarecrow in our talk because hello, he has no brain and probably nothing of value to contribute.  We left him to chill out with the plastic dinosaurs.) We decided a secret code like, "The monkey's have lift off!" would be shouted if Bossy Girl tries to play with my dolls them again.

Don't even get me started on how she treats my her Cabbage Patch dolls or my completely furnished dollhouse.

Oh shit guys!  Bossy Girl is coming!  "The monkeys have lift off!  The monkeys have lift off!

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