I Really Have Nothing to Share But I Haven't Blogged in a While So This is What You Get.

Have you ever been so busy and/or lazy that you just can't find time to pee and then you hold your pee so long that when you finally do go you're already peeing before you even sit down (for the ladies) and then it's likely the most satisfying pee of your life and your bladder is grateful and you sigh in relief but then after you're done it burns like holy hell for hours afterwards?
That just happened to me.
And now I feel like I'm sitting naked, straddling a salt block and what I can only assume is my urethra or vulva or volvo is burning and my eyes are watering and for the love, why did I wait so long to pee?? 

I just shared that with the Internet.  I may put in on the Twitter.

You're welcome.

PS, I'm totally getting the iPad 2 as planned.  The Hubby went out to stand in line when they were released, and he got the last ticket.  However, since I'd mentioned in passing that I wanted it in black instead of white, and his ticket was for a white one, he said no thanks and got out of line and came home with no iPad 2.  Sonsabitches!  Big mistake on his part.  Coming home with a white one is better than coming home with an invisible, nonexistent one buddy.  So then he ordered it online but I've gotta wait about 3-4 weeks for it to come in, which is annoying as hell.  Do I sound ungrateful?  Probably so.  But it'll be badass and I'll love it and my name's even being engraved on it.  I almost considered having them engrave "touch this iPad and you'll be cut" but didn't think Apple would appreciate my humor with them not knowing me and all.

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