Happy Fourth of July

Here's my obligatory Independence Day post.

All of us are dressed in red, white, and blue.
The sparklers, and spinners, and snappers, and other fireworks are ready to go.
The huge town display will be attended at dusk.
Fried chicken, potato salad, and too much dessert have been consumed.
We have a bucket full of candy from a small town parade containing more tractors and firetrucks and county fair queens than people in the total population of town.  And only one live horse.  Strange.  There's usually more.  But hey, less horse shit plopped on the hot concrete at our feet.
I have one sunburned shoulder from sitting in one position too long to watch said tractors and firetrucks.
We stood solemnly and proudly when the vets and soldiers marched by with our flag.  We clapped to the high school marching band.
I have sweaty, happy kids.
I live in the land of the free where my daughters can pursue whatever dreams she chooses and can freely forge any path they're destined to. 
Sometimes I joke about moving to another country to get out of the BS politics and divisiveness and health care crap and economy crap and sex scandal crap and bad reality tv crap we deal with these days.
But in reality, I love my country.  So very much.  We are lucky to be here.

God bless America.  My home.
It may be a screwed up, dysfunctional home, but it's MY effing home.

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