Boredom Rant with Lots of Run On Sentences. Shut the Hell Up, Grammar Police.

Lately I've been going just a tad bit out of my mind because the days where we have something to do are being outnumbered by the days that we don't have anything to do.  Summer is dwindling by and we've entered the beginnings of the stage commonly known as "OH HOLY HELL WHEN DOES SCHOOL START ALREADY?"  This can't just be occurring in my house you guys. Tennis lessons and swim lessons and softball are all finally over.  We've done the zoo, the pool, the playgrounds, the play dates, the library, the movies, the museums, nineteen hundred thousand (yes it's a real number shut up) rounds of bubbles and sidewalk chalk and hopscotch, school supply shopping, the doctor's appointments that get crammed into summer... all done.

I'm starting to long for the days before I had kids when I could sleep until 10:00 and then half of the motherfucking day is already over by the time you get showered and eat your second bowl of Captain Crunch.  The days are just sooooooo much longer when you're up before 7:00 and your fourth cup of coffee just isn't cutting it and the eleventy billion (it's a goddamn number too!) episodes of Little Einstiens/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Sesame Street/Jake and the Neverland Pirates have played because the toddler is happiest lounging and watching tv with snacks which clearly means a. she's definitely like her mother and b. she's getting bored as well.
Plus I'm totally jealous of Bossy Girl because on days we don't have anything to do she's still sleeping in her bed that she doesn't have to share until after 9:00.

It's time to think outside of the box.  The do nothing days have outnumbered the busy, do something days and I can't take it at this point.  Without kids I'd drink and Tweet and online shop all day at this point in the summer but I can't because I have two people relying on me for entertainment to fill their days before we get serious about school and work and schedules and alarm clocks again.

So readers, help.  Give me craft, baking, day trip ideas.  Now.  I could give two shakes and a wiggle about costs or messes.  Or the fact that I'm being bitchy *and* bossy.
Ready, set, suggest!

Here's a picture of a finger monkey because it's cute as hell and makes me smile.
THIS is also cute and makes me smile.  The two can not be compared, however.  David beats finger monkey any day, any time. He's on a whole other level of cute.  Fact.

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