Resolutions I May or May Not Follow Through With

2010 was a fantastic year.
Wee One starting walking.  Actually, she went from crawling to a dead sprint, not a technical walk.  And she's still running nonstop.  She's my little marathon woman.  She's starting talking a tiny bit.  She claps for herself and yells, "Yay!" a lot.  High self esteem that girl.  She also says "dat" which is her version of "what's that?"  And "uh oh" is a favorite.  However, she says it before she drops or dumps something, which kinda defeats the purpose, but it's cute as hell.  She also says "bob"quite a bit.  We still aren't sure who Bob is.  And she gives lovely, open-mouthed, sloppy toddler kisses.  HEAVEN.

Bossy Girl turned seven, lost a slew of teeth (seriously, I thought she was gonna need dentures there for a minute), learned to ride a bike (NOT.  She refuses.), and is rocking 1st grade.  She is so smart. And the best, most patient big sister I've ever seen.  And she still gives me hugs and kisses roughly 20% of the time, which is ALL good.  I'll take what I can get.

I finished my Master's degree (Woo to the Hoo!), got my brand new kitchen after years of nagging, made a big, positive change at work that allowed me to get close to some amazing new friends/coworkers, and I remained speeding  ticket free. How many of you can say you've NEVER been pulled over, ever?  That's what I thought.  I'm gonna brag.

The Hubby, well he worked a lot, is plugging away on his Masters degree, teaches the girls how to tackle, continues to be one of the best dads, sons and grandsons I've seen, had some dental work, bought a giant new TV that we all adore, and puts up with me, so bonus for him.

For 2011, I'd like to try these "resolutions."  You know what, let's not call them "resolutions," but goals.  Reach for the stars kind of stuff.  Goals are more flexible than resolutions anyway.  Right?

I'm going to try to pick up the phone more and call people and speak to them with words and voices.  Less texting.

I'm going to try to remember every single birthday of every single person who rocks my world with their love and friendship.  And send cards.

I'm going to write down appointments on my new calendar so I'm not calling offices all the time to recheck and triple check when my appointment is.

I'm going to get my business in order when it comes to prioritizing people and friendships.  No more allowing people to borrow my friendship when it's convenient for them.

I'm going to perfect my very first homemade pie.  From scratch, folks.  With lard and all.

I'm going to be less snarky and sarcastic and inappropriate and profane and more kind.    Whatever.  That would be lying if I put this on here.

I'm going to actually take the plastic off my new workout DVD and use it every morning.  I need to drop some serious lbs.  For reals. (totally still gonna make and eat that lard-filled pie)

I'm going to start working on that book I've been jotting down notes and ideas on for the past year.  My character is waiting for me to tell her story.  She literally speaks to me, and I need to get her voice down for her.  Not that it'd ever get published, but it's good to have dreams.(yes, I hear voices, but just one, so technically that's okay, right?)

I'm going to learn to crochet. It'll come in handy when I'm sitting in my rocker/wheelchair in front of a window with nothing better to do in the home.  Kidding.  I want to make some cool scarves and stuff.

I'm going to take up serious photography.

I'm going to keep on tightly holding hands with HOPE as we walk through this sometimes scary, unpredictable life together.

I'm going to keep blogging. Whether you like it or not. So there.

I'm going to work on making some kick-ass childhood memories that'll make my girls look back and smile and think to themselves, my Mommy rocked!

I'm going to stop starting every sentence with "I'm going......"  :)

I have wishes for all of you out there too.  I'll let some famous words speak them for me.  They'll sound much better than if I tried....

Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid. -Lady Bird Johnson

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it. -Danny Kaye

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable. -Mary Oliver

Happy New Year Dear Readers!!!  Make it rock out loud.

Do you have any goals for the new year?  Share them!  Don't make me beg for comments.....

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coffeechug January 2, 2011 at 5:51 PM  

You go girl! This is quite a list. Good luck to you. My goals are being published soon to my blog. Not as long of a list as yours by any means.

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