Picture it.
Senior year.  
Jerry McGuire and Fargo were the big movies.
The Spice Girls were a hit.
I still had a perm.
Times were clearly tough....

My two best friends at the time, let's call them Thelma and Louise, decided on a whim to ditch school for a day. I was a total loser  chicken shit responsible student and couldn't force myself to join them.
They had nowhere to go.  Just a car and a tank of gas.  And a dream.  A dream to cause a little ruckus.

Thelma and Louise headed to the school library and pulled out a map (on paper, not Google, damn I'm old.), closed their eyes, and pointed to a random spot.  
The place of their juvenile delinquent destination?

Dickeyville, Wisconsin.
Because dick is in it's name. 
Giggling.  Right. Now.  Will I never grow up?

They called themselves in absent to school pretending to be each other's moms.  
They said goodbye to my pussy studious self, and hit the road.  
When they arrived in Dickeyville, they went all tourist-y and took cheesy pictures and even sent postcards.  To their parents. 
And to the principal. 
Leaving a paper trail of their truancy.  

Well-played ladies. 


They did get in trouble.  They did have consequences.  But mainly, they did have fun.  And a memory to last a lifetime. 

I had no part of it.  
I am LAME.

Fast forward to this week..........

I had to travel to Wisconsin for a friend who lost her mother.  It just so happened that I had to drive through Dickeyville, Wisconsin.  I pulled over and snapped a picture for proof.

Not quite a postcard, and fifteen years late...... but still. 

Motherfucking Dickeyville.  

I've redeemed myself.  Kind of.

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