I'm a Holiday Elf on Crack

I love love LOVE this time of year you guys!
I almost can't even stand myself right now.
Every night for the past week I've turned on my Pandora holiday channel, turned on the Christmas lights, and wrapped presents.
I'm feeling very much like... well... an elf on crack!
Best time of year ever.

I'm going to do some random Christmas photo posts.  Because Jesus would appreciate that for his birthday.

Let's start with my Christmas tree and some special ornaments.  By the way?  I freaking LOVE ornaments.  I have enough to cover my tree plus a forest of trees.  And I want more.  Feel free to buy me some.  I'll email you my address.

Here's my tree.  Rule #1.  Tree MUST be covered with white lights only.  No multi-colored lights for this wacked-out elf's tree.

Most of the bajillion-and-one ornaments are for Bossy Girl and Wee One.  Every family member is asked to buy and label them an ornament every year.  Someday when they are married or have homes of their own... waa-la!  Fully decorated tree, courtesy of momma's ornament-obsessed tradition.

Next, here are a few ornaments I love.
First, the very first married life ornament I bought.  10 years ago.  It represents me and the Hubby.

Next, this one represents my love of the kitchen and baking/cooking.

Third, a Willow Tree ornament of Mother and Daughter.  Because, obviously.

Last, this ballerina ornament for a few reasons.  A., because she's old and kind of "vintage-y."  B., because she was my sister's favorite and one she handed down to Bossy Girl......

..... and C., cause if you look close enough, she's clearly a panty-less hoe.  Look where her string tassle just happens to fall....

Dirty, unkempt ballerina.
I laugh my ass off every time I see her on the tree.

Sorry I find ways to make even Christmas inappropriate, baby Jesus.

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