**UPDATED** One Year Anniversary. Holy Hell.

According to the random number generator, the winner is........

Angela from Begging the Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo girlie!  Email me your info so I can ship away :)

On November 11, 2010, a very special, very "unique" bloggy baby was born unto the interwebs.
She was named "Musings of a Sarcastic Mind" because her momma had nothing better for a name, so she settled on a lame title.  It would not be the first, nor the last, time the bloggy baby momma would settle for lameness.

Some of you have been with me for the entire year, from my very first post to now.
Some of you are fairly new.
Either way, you're here.  And I appreciate the hell out of you all.

This is the spot for my crazy.
The place where the shit in my head can get out before it drives me totally nuts.
The place where I'm not judged and if I am, you don't tell me.
The place where I can't get looks of, "Sweet baby Jesus, what the hell is wrong with that girl?"

I've made great new friends through this blog.  Friends I haven't met yet in real life but that seems to be irrelevant.  A technicality. I've found soul sisters and brothers through the Internets and it's a damn good thing.

So, to celebrate my blogiversary, and more specifically to celebrate YOU all, I'm having a giveaway.
A giveaway of total awesomeness.  All you have to do is be (or become) a follower, and comment below.  Simple.  You can say anything you want in the comment, but I do have one little catch.  In your comment, mention one of your favorite posts of mine.  No biggie.  Which piece of my crap did you like the most?  You have until Friday, Nov. 18 to comment and then I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner.

My giveaway prizes are things I love, that I think you'll love too.  Cuz we're the same kind of people, if you're here reading my crap.

Miss Sarcasm's Survive Your Life Prize Basket:

First, coffee.  You must have coffee.  So included in my giveaway is a pack of this:

Next, you need something to drink the coffee in.  Have this Honey Badger mug from Cafe Press:

Also, you need something to read while you drink the coffee.
I will preorder THIS for you and you'll receive it when it's released in April.  Pinky swear.

Now, I need to stop spending my hard earned money.  Plus, I can't ship vodka.
Thank you all for spending time with me this past year.  I hope we're still together for the next year.  I hate break ups.  Don't leave me.  


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