We Caught Meth Germs. Or Herpes. Meth Herpes, Maybe?

For the three day Labor Day weekend, we took off south a little ways to spend a couple days at a waterpark.

First, me in a bathing suit?  EEK.  I apologize to my fellow waterpark patrons.

Second, since I'm a people watcher, I had plenty of opportunity to watch/spy on the general public while swimming.  I learned a LOT about some of my fellow Americans.  I'm trying my best to be less judgmental of others, but it's just so hard when there are toothless women trying to squeeze into tiny bikinis all around you.  *shudder*  It's like they're asking for my ruthless commentary.....  don't worry, I criticize myself just as sharply.

So I watched.  And judged.  So sue me.  Although mostly perfect, I am still human.

Once we got home, we started to become sick.  All of us.  Ears are plugged up, noses are running, and throats are scratchy and coughing.  I can only assume that having all of those tattooed (not fully judging, I have one too), toothless, open wound/wet bandages-covering-open-wound people are to blame.  Especially the toothless lady with sores all over her body like she's been digging around in her skin for scabies or Morgellon's fibers or meth hallucination-induced bugs or such. 

Thank you ma'am, for your meth herpes.

PS, Dental care is important. And expensive. I'm not trying to criticize anyone who cannot afford the dentist. Just those who refuse to go and chug pop and candy and chewing tobacco all day. Also? I don't really like my dentist. He doesn't seem to appreciate me saying "that hurts, motherfucker" while he's working in my mouth. I also doubt he appreciates that I bite.

PPS, I'm aware that tobacco addiction is a serious topic. As is meth addiction. So hey, don't do it in the first place please. If you feel you or someone you know has a drug addiction, seek professional help. I cannot help you. I have my own issues. CLEARLY. Unless you consider judging and swearing and berating to be help... Then I'm all yours.


PPPPS to all dentists, especially mine.... stop with the needles in the gums, assholes. Just laughing gas our asses out before you start. Then maybe we'll like you, you sadistic fucks.

PPPPPS I'm sorry I judged you, weird waterpark people. I can't help myself.

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