It's Practically a Study in Effective Marital Relationships.

I thought it'd be fun to again showcase some of the amazing and healthy marital communication that occurs in my house on a regular basis.  We're basically like loving newlyweds who can't get enough of each other. It's quite clear in how we speak to each other.  Actually, how I speak to him. Also?  The older the Hubby gets, the more perverted he gets.  Are all men like this ladies?

Effective Communication Example A
Me:  loading the dishwasher.
Hubby:  ohhhh.... bending over for me, eh?
Me:  Jesus Christ, moron.  I'm doing dishes.  Life isn't a porno you know.  Get the hell away from me.

Effective Communication Example B
Me:  jabbing Hubby in the back with my elbow.  STOP snoring asshole.
Hubby:  *snort, mumble.... huh?
Me:  I can't sleep.  Stop fucking snoring or go to the couch.
Hubby:  *sleepily... Waking me up for some action, eh?
Me:  Get the fuck away from me jackass.

Effective Communication Example C
Me:  Can you please......?  (fill in the blank.  Put shoes on Wee One, start up the grill, get a juice box for Bossy Girl, anything really)
Hubby:  In a minute.
Me:  I'll just do it, moron. *slams some doors and stomps off
Hubby:  I was just about to....
Me: Whatever.

I'm thinking we're so good at this marital communication thing, I should offer up advice.
So here's my offer.  Write to me or comment below with a question about your marriage, and I'll make my next posts my advice to you.  For free.  It's a deal you can't pass up, really.

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