Random Musings for the Day

Here's a rapid-fire list of musings swimming around in my brain today.

It's 2010.  Why are there people still smoking in their cars with their children inside? Brainiacs.

Why do I attempt to keep leftovers when no one eats them anyway?  They just end up moldy in the back of the fridge.....

Poor Thanksgiving.  Christmas steals its thunder every year.

I love you Starbucks.

I don't get Dancing with the Stars.  Isn't there a set criteria for what constitutes a "star" anymore?

I'm jealous of everyone who ended up in Oprah's audience for every SINGLE episode ever of Oprah's Favorite Things.  Literally jealous.

What's that People magazine cover? So Kim Kardashian thought she'd be married by now?
Boo to the hoo.  You can't preplan your life honey, just go with the flow and live it.  Word.

I hate crow's feet.

Airport body scanners.  I'm all about safety, but have you seen those images?  They scan everything people, and everything shows up in the picture.  Every lump, bump, muffin top, roll.  I bet every solitary leg hair that you haven't bothered to shave in 6 weeks (cuz hey, it's technically winter) shows up.  I'll drive to my destination, thank you.  My Ford won't judge me after it looks through my clothes.

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