Random Crap Laying Around My House

My house has a big problem.  It can never keep itself clean for more than a day.
There are many reasons why this my reality.
a.  the housecleaner never shows up for work.  Oh, that's right.  Because there is no housekeeper.
b.  I have 2 kids.
c.  I hate cleaning. 

I thought it would be interesting to take a quick survey of the random crap you can always find laying around my house.  10 years ago it would have been beer cans and movie rental cases and Mountain Dew cans and empty pizza boxes.  Maybe a bra.  You know, signs of a good, young person time.

Today it's:
Zhu Zhu pets  (stupid things are actually kinda cute)
Dora the Explorer chess pieces
Binkies and Sippy cups
Socks (but never in a pair, always straggling along solo)
Fundraiser papers from my daughter's school whom I'm officially crowning KING of too many damn fundraisers.
Remote controls (I kid you not, there are at least half a dozen laying around)
Plastic toy kitchen food and dishes
Goldfish crackers

So tell me, what kind of crap would I find laying around your house?  (if you say nothing, it's all clean and tidy and organized, I'm going to puke.)

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