Welcome Back, Flu Virus from Hell

I'm being haunted by H1N1.
I believe it's given me some PTSD.

Let me explain.  Last fall I gave birth to the Wee One.....less thanTWO weeks before hospitals did their smack down on visitors and the country was in a state of emergency, pandemic-style. 

I was paranoid with a capital P.

I sat home checking my inbox for Health Department emails to see when they'd get the next batch of vaccines.  I watched every news story on that stupid virus.  I had panic attacks.  I bought out store shelves of Germ Ex.  I refused visitors in my home.  I Googled H1NI more times than I could count.

I was THAT mom, caught up in the hype, panicked my newborn would get sick.

Eventually, life went back to normal, and I allowed my family members to regrow skin on their hands after all that incessant, violent hand-washing.  Everyone was fine and healthy.  We all got vaccinated.  Wee One just got fully vaccinated this fall. We SURVIVED!! No more pandemic.  No mutations.  No zombie apocalypse.  For now.....

Until yesterday.  I turned around and saw H1N1 staring me in the face.  On my TV.  Singing and dancing. The bastard got his own show.

Flu virus                                                                                       "Muno"
What the hell is this Yo Gabba Gabba madness anyway??

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