My Inbox

Such a promising, dirty title, such an innocent blog.........

My email inbox is pathetic.  Here are the only people sending me emails anymore:

Barack Obama
The Children's Place
Borders Rewards
My Toddler This Week

Most of the emails are for sales and preferred customer discounts and deals.  I clearly shop online too much.  Yes, I've bought from Spanx.  If you're a woman who doesn't own a pair, something is wrong with you.  I'm going to see if I can wear 2 pair at once and be a size 4.  Wishes can come true people.  Hold fast to your dreams.

My Toddler this Week's emails tell me week by week what things the Wee One may or may not be doing.  She's my 2nd child, but full of surprises.  I need all the advice I can get.

Facebook, well I'll be blunt.  I'm on there too much.  I'm nosy, people.  I saw a movie long ago where some sort of solar something or meteor strike happened and unless you were in a windowless, sealed room, poof!  You disappeared.  So most everyone in the world was gone, or zombie-fied, and then there were the innocent survivors.  I vowed then and there that if that were to happen and I survived, I'd go through people's stuff.  No house, no bedroom, no closet or bathroom cabinet would be safe.  I want to know what people have. 

The President's email subjects are always so personal, like "I'm Thankful for You," and "I Need You to Go All In," and "If We are Serious," and "Join Me in Madison Tomorrow."  If I didn't know any better, I'd say we have something pretty special happening on the side.  Look out Michelle.

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