Planning the Holiday Photo

I'm really trying to be creative this year when it comes to our annual Christmas photo card we send out for the holidays.  Usually it's a nice family photo of us all either sitting in front of the fireplace or in front of the Christmas tree.  I'm tossing around the idea of just taking one of the Bossy Girl and Wee One only, cuz we all know that the kiddos are the only ones people really want to see anyway.

So here are my ideas. 
Please comment on which you like best, or add any ideas of your own.

1.  The girls in their cute Christmas pajamas in front of the tree.
2.  The girls in their cute Christmas pajamas in front of the fireplace.
3.  I have no freaking idea.

I'm so desperate I'm purusing Awkward Family to get inspiration.

Could we pull of this idea?  Not sure where I'd get the vertebrae on such short notice....

Or we could all just look pissed.  The Hubby's got the grouch look down already.

I'm against the wearing of fur, otherwise.... hmm..... not bad

If you've never checked out the website, click here.  I hope you have good bladder control.
Awkward Family Photos

I vow to continue my quest to find a great Christmas photo card idea. 

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