Apparently, I'm Allergic to "No"

Do you have something to sell?
Are you looking for a volunteer?
Do you need the perfect sucker to do some sort of favor for you?

Take a look folks, I'm your girl.

Case in point.  Boy Scout popcorn.  Just send the cutest little boy with the tiniest, adorable lisp to my house ....  "would you wike to buy some popcown?  It's onwy ten dowars."

SOLD!  I definitely need that overpriced, 1/4 full bag of caramel corn.  Heck, let me buy the rest of the contents of your cute red wagon.  And maybe pay for your college education.  Do you take checks?

Got Girl Scout Cookies to sell?  Ring my bell!  I'll take 2 of everything.  (Except those lemon ones.)

Any other sort of pie/wrapping paper/butter braid/holiday cookie/magazine/candle fundraiser?  **Raising hand: Me! Me!

Are you hosting a jewelry/tupperware/pampered chef/adult toy party?  You might as well give me my own parking space cuz I'll show up.

I will volunteer to chaperone, babysit, dog watch, make and send a meal to someone who's sick, drop my spare change in your bucket, go on a coffee run, plan and organize a holiday party, and likely give you a cornea or kidney if you need it.  Just ask.
Unless  you're the Hubby.  YOU I can say no to, and mean it.  Years of practice baby, years of practice.

The problem with people like me who can't say no?  We over-schedule ourselves, and then when we need a favor, everyone pretends like they've never met us before. WTH?

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Anonymous,  November 21, 2010 at 10:51 AM  

So true. I find this is a common problem we have as women. We want to please everyone and neglect ourselves in the process.

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