Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Me

In an effort to share a bit more about myself with you, dear reader, I’ve listed below the top 10 things most important to know about me in order for us to get along and understand each other. Knowing these will enable you to stay on my good side and therefore off my heavy-duty, super-powered grudge list.

1. I cannot function without coffee anymore. I wake up early. I get ready for work, in a haze. I get the kiddos ready, in a haze. I spout off sarcasm to the hubby, in a haze. I mutter about not having a thing to wear, in a haze. Then, I have my coffee and the skies open, my eyes clear and focus, and the heavenly choir of angels sing. It’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes, I pretend I’m 68 years old and make coffee in the middle of the afternoon. And I love it.

2. I’m in an all-consuming, all-out violent battle with crow’s feet. This will become a recurrent topic of blogs as I continue writing in the blogosphere. I turned 30, and age walked all over my damn face. I will buy any product that promises to erase crow’s feet, and I will chronicle my journey here.

3. I love wine. I am a wino. I admit this and embrace it. Nuff said.

4. I rarely take anything seriously. Most everything in life can be laughed about and made fun of. If you don’t laugh at things, you’ll get depressed and sad and frown and worry. WHICH, will give you CROWS FEET. I can be professional and serious when the time is required. But I’ll make fun of that time afterward.

5. I’m too old to tolerate drama. Save your drama for your momma. Hell, she probably doesn’t even want to hear it.

6. I’m a mom, wife, and I work full-time. My oldest daughter will be referred to as BG for “Bossy Girl” because she’s bossy, and she rules to roost. My youngest I’ll call “Wee One” because she’s just a tiny toddler. My husband I’ll refer to as Hubby. My job, I’ll mention but never name. It’s top secret fools.

7. I love sleep. I will go to bed at 9:00 and sleep all night. This makes me happy. If I can sneak in a nap on the weekend when the Wee One is asleep, I do a happy dance.

8. I love to read, travel, cook, and shop. Not necessarily in that order, but if combined…. Hello heaven! If I can read a good book on a flight to Italy where I’ll eat a load of carbs and spend a wad of cash, I’ll die a happy woman.

9. I’m going to tell you my favorite TV shows just in case I end up referring to them, which I likely will. My favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Project Runway, Top Chef, reruns of The Hills (Team Lauren here peeps), Man vs. Food, Big Brother, and I must admit, I like watching the Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey. It’s like a bad train wreck. You don’t want to look, yet you can’t look away.

10. I can’t think of a number 10 right now. But honestly, who makes a Top 9 list? I had to put something on this line. Don't hate, appreciate :)

Now your turn.  What do I need to know about you lovely reader?

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Anonymous,  November 15, 2010 at 10:11 AM  

Thanks for the insight. It helps me to understand.

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