"Someone" Knows His Wife Well, Now Doesn't He? Thanks Hubster!

Yesterday I came home to this on my door.
 Kick. Ass.  

I first assumed it's an anniversary gift for our upcoming 10 year.
It's not diamonds, but it's way cooler.
Turns out, it's not a gift, just a freebie.  The Hubby saw it at a sign company and thought of me. 
It seems that he really does listen to me at times, rather than just nodding and tuning me out.  After all, that's what most people do when I speak.
When I talk about all the possible apocalyptic scenarios that toss around in my mind daily, he's shown me with this sign that he's surprisingly catching tidbits and learning.  Good Hubby.
How sweet is this gesture, you guys?
Guess I'm gonna have to put out now.
Just once though.  (obviously.  It's a sign people, not a car or diamond ring)
No need to get carried away.

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