I'm Sad. Like, Bottom Lip Out, Pouty Sad. With a Tear or Two.

I logged in today and discovered that I lost a follower.

I don't know why or when or how.... but I'm sad.
Hold me.

Fellow bloggers, is this common?  How do I keep from taking it personally?
Was it something I said?  Wait.  This is a blog.  Of course it was something I said. know... it's words.
What if my missing follower was forced to de-follow me by kidnappers or alien abductors?
Then it's kind of my duty to track him or her down on a rescue mission so he/she can re-follow me.
I've been thinking about other possible scenarios in which someone would de-follow my blog.
Other than kidnapping or alien abduction, I've got:
Loss of internet.
Loss of sanity.
He/she joined the Taliban.
Not enough free stuff or giveaways.
He/she became a monk/nun and took a vow of no social media.
I talk about the end of the world too much.
I don't swear enough in this blog.
There's not enough nudity in this blog.
This blog sucks.
I suck.
I'm not remotely funny.
I have no friends.
People only follow me out of pity.
I really, really suck.
Why am I even here?

Wow, this de-following thing hurts a gal's self esteem.

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