At Long Last I Can Go Hiking and Get My Arm Trapped By a Boulder!

Thanks to the ever manly, studly, funny, sexy (his adjective contribution) witty, bicep torn, charming, perverted, probably damp with a chronic wrist cramp Rodney over at Mental Poo, I can fulfill this life long wish mentioned in the title.... getting trapped while hiking.

Actually, it's not a life long wish, I just happen to have recently watched 127 Hours, and then ironically, the very next day, the "survival kit" I won at random from his blog arrived at my door.  It's like he knows my every move....
Be jealous. The fact that he had a give-away, and the fact that I won it, makes us both fucking awesome.
A water bottle, flashlight, and multi use tool/knife thingy will always be in my car.  In case of sudden submersion under water or zombie invasion.

Thanks Mooog! Everyone, go check out his blog, stat.  You'll laugh until you pee but you'll sit in your cold, shameful wet pants for hours because you won't be able to stop reading his stuff and laughing.  And therefore, more peeing.  It's a vicious, vicious cycle.

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