Well Well Well, Look Who Decided to Start Working Again.

Dear Blogger,
I was starting to worry that due to this shitty economy you were laid off because your job went overseas and you would be collecting unemployment while watching Maury Povich and eating potato chips all day and I'd never get to blog again.  CAN YOU EVEN FATHOM THAT CRAZINESS?? Which of course would have lead to some sort of crack in the space time continuum, causing Earth to suddenly travel back in time roughly a half million years and then spiral into a massive black hole where we'd spin and spin for all eternity and no one would hear our endless screaming. We'd be screaming so much because, you know, the spinning. I hate being dizzy. Oh, and the dinosaurs. (I think they were around a half million years ago. Not sure. I'll have to read Palin's book to fact check that.) Plus if we're that far back in time we also wouldn't have cell phones and Internet and Doritos and vibrators so we'd really be SOL.
Glad to see you're back. For now I guess. Don't ever do that for so long again.
I don't want the world to end.
Plus, you totally fucked with my stats. I was kicking ass numbers-wise until your little disappearing act.

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