100. Like 300, but 1/3 of That. Plus No Hot Half Naked Spartans.

Drum roll please.....................
Yeah, I know, stupid. No drum roll.
This.  THIS.  Is my 100th post.  Not monumental to anyone but me.
I started this happy place in November, and I've already hit 100 posts.  I love writing this blog.  I love that people read it.  I love love.
So anyway, for my 100th post, I did something monumental.
I had Osama bin Laden killed for you.
Obviously not, but how cool is today, you guys? Dead terrorist.  Rot in Piss.

I have to admit, the Hubby and I were super nervous while watching the news last night.  They were all, the President has some big announcement.  On a Sunday night.  It's something big.  Something serious.
My first thought?  Well, I pictured the dozen or so movies where the President announces a meteor hurtling towards Earth, ending our existence as a species.

Seriously.  I immediately thought this scenario.  For reals.

I told the Hubby to get some shoes on and be prepared to run out and get some food and a gun.
Thankfully it wasn't a meteor about to destroy us all, but this got us thinking that we need to have a plan.
 To recap from previous posts of mine, we need a plan for the super volcano, the zombie apocalypse, a bird/swine/chicken/possum flu pandemic, and a meteor hitting the planet.  Better start digging a concrete bunker now.

So happy happy dead-terrorist, 100th post day people!  Keep it real.
 PS, enjoy a Spartan from 300

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