Occupy Frito Lay

I'm here today with a quickie post to propose a new occupy movement.  A rebellion, if you will.  We must stand up and be heard.  Here's what I'm proposing:

I'm so tired of walking into my local grocery store FULL OF HOPE and seeing that alas, cheeseburger-flavored Doritos are still gone.  Absent from chip shelves.  And I die a little more every time this happens.  This is America.  Land of the free.  Land of the fatties who love snack foods.  Land of the people who think going out in public in pajama pants is socially acceptable.... but that's for another time.  Every day that goes by with no Cheeseburger Doritos is another win for the freedom-hating terrorists.

So join me, will you?  One woman can't do this alone.

What do we want??

Burger with pickle-flavored deliciousness!!!!

When do we want it??

Fucking MONTHS AGO assholes!

Come on Frito Lay.  Hear our rally cry.  Bring back our cheeseburger Doritos.  Because the Nazis would have hated them.

I'll be waiting for news from the Occupy Frito Lay *headquarters.*

*my couch

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