I Left a Bit of Myself in Canada. Not an Important Part, Mind You. Like My Brain or Stomach. Or Vagina. Just a Piece of my Heart. A Bit of My Heart is Still There, Waiting for Dual Citizenship.

I found this gem in my draft folder from November of 2012. 
Finally decided to finish it and hit publish.  Enjoy!  Or not.  Whatevs.

So, I went to Canada last weekend.....
To see my dear friend Marianna over at Snappy Surprise.  BE JEALOUS.

I had never been to Canada, other than a quick drive through over Niagara Falls, so I had to make an official landing and visit there for a few days.  And boy am I glad that I did.

Spending time with your international BFF is fantastic.  We explored the city and ate beaver tails and poutine and I learned a ton about Canada, for instance...

1.  Don't assume that a statue of a tall dude must obviously be Abraham Lincoln.  IN CANADA.  It makes you look stupid.  In my defense we don't learn about Canadian history here in the States.  And that's a damn shame.
2.  The issues surrounding the aboriginal people of Canada are frightening similar to our own here in the US with the native population.
3.  Poutine must be HOT for the cheese to properly melt.
4.  Marianna is STILL a uterus wizard, as I got my period when I was there.  (unlike her, who happened to be newly preggo and I didn't say a word to anyone!!! She's a momma now...  SQUEEEE)
5.  Canada's Smarties candies are chocolate you guys.
6.  Canada has some hotties working in customs, eh?
7.  The people of Ottawa say, "yeah, yeah" after almost every sentence.  I fucking LOVED it.
8.  They have roundabouts.  And I still don't understand roundabouts.
9. Canada is beautiful and the people are lovely.  I don't belong around such nice-ness.
10.  I don't understand the metric system.  At. All.

After a fun long weekend I had to head home.  Hurricane Sandy decided to act like a bitch and a ton of flights were cancelled.  Thankfully mine was one of the few still running and I made it home smoothly.  I've been plotting my next trip up there for months.  I miss my witty, equally sarcastic girl and can't wait to meet the human she made in her body.

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