Apparently I'm So Shitty at Blogging Even *I* Didn't Realize I'd Stopped

Oh hi there.  Long time no see.
Or is it, no write
And no read.
I can't actually see you.... OR CAN I?
We all know the NSA can.  In fact they're probably watching you through your computer RIGHT NOW.
(I feel that this is where I should take the time to say I personally love spying, I mean surveillance. Stalking is a hobby of mine.  And my favorite letters just happen to be N... S... and A.... and the government is my favorite thing ever.  I love ALL the government things, especially those surveillance related.   Boo Snowden.  And Russia.  Do we not like Russia still?)

Anyway, it was brought to my attention today by my one and only reader that I haven't blogged in about a year.  A YEAR.  And none of you sonsabitches bothered to check on me or cry or commit mass random acts of depression like sobbing in the streets.   But no really, it's fine.  Carry on.

Nothing's been wrong or amazing, it's just been, well, LIFE.  Busy.  And not funny.  I lost my funny.  If I ever had any that is.  I didn't lose my sarcasm, but it lost its humorous, random and kooky tone and took on a bitter, "meh" tone. 

So I've stayed away, waiting for inspiration to strike.  And just like the lottery, it NEVER FUCKING DID HAPPEN. 

I wanted to check in though and say hey.  And that I'm going to make an effort to be here more regularly.  Cuz I like it here (and I'm talkin to YOU, NSA) And I like you guys.  All ONE of you reading. 

JK, there are apparently 164 of you.  The smartest, best 164 people in all the land. 

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