Aging Can Suck It.

Today I wrote down my new age for the first time.
Thirty four years old.
There.  I did it two more times.  It still stings a bit.

Then, when I looked in the mirror tonight and forced myself to smile at myself, I really noticed the crow's feet. Like, REALLY noticed them.
I knew they were there, and I've been buying every kind of moisturizer on the planet to combat them.  But they were so so obvious tonight for some reason.  Ugh.

I have a love hate relationship with aging, particularly my aging.

We're currently in the hate cycle y'all.

Tonight's rendering courtesy of MemeBase and their Rage Comic Builder.  Check it out.  
Just trying something new with my tired old renderings.
Spicing things up a bit my friends.
I want to keep our relationship hot and fresh.
Kinky too. 

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