I'd Make a HORRIBLE God-Like Figure.

I recently discovered the Sims Free Play app on my iPad, and since it's free, AND fulfills my love of being nosy and bossy by making people do what I want them to do, plus snoop through their houses that I decorate, I figured I'd give it a try.

Ohmygawd am I enjoying this game, mainly for two big reasons.

A.  I can make them have sex (or "woo hoo" as the game calls it) whenever, wherever, and with whomever I want.  Let's face it.  My Sims are woo-hooing day and night.  I have one that I won't even let go to work because she's woo-hooing it up with all the boys in the neighborhood.  Whore.

B.  I can deny them food, baths, sleep, and toilet privileges til they get sick, depressed, and shit and pee themselves.

I'm pretty sure my therapist needs to hear this stuff about me, but I can't go to therapy because I'm too busy running a world of Sims. I'm pretty sure this is how God feels.

Gotta run, I think my whore Sim is done with her neighbor Owen and the fireman Michael is probably off work by now.....

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