This Post HAD a Point but Since You KNOW How My Mind Works it Got Lost. It's Mainly about Decorating Though. I Think.

I received a large black cubby wall shelf for Christmas from my mother-in-law and I love it.  

This shelf.  $75 and free shipping on Amazon.  And it's GORGEOUS.  But you need to get your own baskets.  Damn  false advertising.
My family room has a HUGE wall opposite of a large bay window, and after almost six years in my house I figured it was high time to start filling that giant, bare wall.

One thing I've been obsessed with lately is vintage.  I attribute this to my new-found love of American Horror Story and Constance's kitchen on the show.  I want a 1950s inspired kitchen. Like this one:

Can't you just SEE yourself smoking a cig with Constance here?

If you don't already watch American Horror Story, what the hell is wrong with you?  It's like I don't even know you anymore.

So for my shelf, I wanted "vintage" pieces since my family room is open from my kitchen and I WILL have a Constance kitchen one day.  By the way, my "definition" of "vintage" is "super duper old, like grandma old, but not smelly or moldy.  Or too expensive."

I went on a hunt at my local thrift store for vintage books to stack on my shelf.  I had some luck, and who can beat 20 cent hardcover books?

While I was browsing for old books, I discovered this little gem:

Oh fuck yes, you read that right.  The Paranoid's Pocket Guide.  Even my 8 year old was all, MOM.  You MUST. BUY. THIS.
And because I'm a good mom, and a paranoid, and a book nerd, I bought it.
And now I'm having all sorts of twisted fun reading about things I never worried about before but now do.  It's like a hypochondriac's nightmare but I just can't help my damn self.  I must obsess over random things that will likely never happen.
Next on my reading list?

Because my mental illnesses need more friends at the party.

Also for my shelf I found some other "vintage" and "farm-housey" type things and I love how it all looks together.  Do you like my official decorating terms?  I'm practically a famous decorator and I'd say who, if I actually knew of any famous decorators.
EVERYTHING I bought was on clearance, and nothing was over $7.00 a piece.

Want a picture of my new stacked and decorated cubby wall shelf?
Family photo blocked out.

What do you think??  Be honest.  Suggestions?  Comments?

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