It's Like an Offer You Can't Refuse but Most Likely Will Because Only I Think It's Cool. I'm a Loser.

You guys? I love my readers, I so do. It's awesome to know people actually read my verbal vomit and lame attempts at humor.

But I noticed this morning that I've been at 68 followers for a while, and since I'm all sorts of immature, I'm dying to be able to log in and see that I have that magical number of 69 followers.

Come on now, who wouldn't want the distinction of being number 69???

Become my 69. You know you want to. You'll forever be 69 for me. If you're a blogger yourself and become 69, we'll set up a whole guest post/feature of your blog if you like. If you're not a blogger, I'll figure something out to showcase/reward you. It's exactly how 69 should be. We both get something to make us happy.

Please make me a satisfied blogger and give me my 69!!!

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