A Tribute to My 69

Everyone remembers their first 69. 
It's really quite unforgettable.
Yesterday I made a public and shameless plea for someone to be my 69.
And lo and behold, someone stepped up the plate, did their duty as a democracy-lovin American (or Canadian?  Not sure.) and became my 69. So not only is she my 69, she's a true patriot.

Please welcome my 69, Maasiyat from Inside the Bipolar Mind.
Her blog is truly inspirational and a must-have learning experience for anyone who is trying to understand mental illness, either for a friend, loved one, or themselves.  Read her, join her, love her.

THANK YOU Maasiyat, for your honestly and courage.

And for being my 69.  It was good for me.  Very good.

I hope it was good for you ;)

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