Blogger "Face Off" Round 3

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Children of all ages (over 18)!
Weiners and his Tweety chicks!
Welcome to the finest blogger face off on earth.
Today, Round 3 featuring:
Russell from No Longer Quiet
 No Longer Quiet

Lin from Linney's Vault

They had buttons for me to grab!  I need to get a button....

Enjoy their thought provoking responses.  Linny?  Love ketchup on my eggs. Have you ever tried salsa?  Russell? Your love of Captain Crunch inspires me to love it more.

Blogger A
Blogger B

 Russell at No Longer Quiet

Name? (real or assumed)
How did you come up with your blog’s name?
My blog name came about when was trying to figure out a domain name.  I wanted something to signify how I felt about my blog.  My blog is a place were I can be me.  It is my safe place.  It is were I don’t have to watch my mouth.  It is were I can no longer be quiet.  (See what I did there?)

My husband came up with 
it for me. It had something
to do with Elaine saying 
she’ll ‘put it in the vault’ 
during a Seinfeld episode. 
Strange I know, but it 
somehow made sense & 
fit me perfectly.
How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging since March 23, 2011
2 years on the 17th of 
this month.
Link to your very first post:
Ok, but just know that 
I’m never as perky as 
I sounded in this post: 

Do you have a motto?  If so, what is it?
Respect.  It’s an important word and the most important lesson I teach my kids.
Ninja’s always win so 
don’t try arm wrestling
Team Edward or Jacob?

Only because I have to, Team Edward.  Because something about Jacob makes me want to punch him in the face!
Neither. I know I could 
possibly be stoned to 
death for this but I don’t
like these movies.

Corey Haim or Cory Feldman?
Feldman, but only because he is still breathing.
Haim. I had the biggest 
crush on him in ‘License to
Drive’. If he hadn’t been
such a druggie he probably
could have made it big. 
How much do you love Captain Crunch?
Captain Crunch is such lovely goodness!  I am all of a sudden hungry for Captain Crunch.  It is God’s nectar!
As much as I love stubbing
my toe. I’m a Lucky Charms
kinda gal.
Would you rather compete in a hot dog eating contest or a pie eating contest?
You know this sounds like one of those questions that has sexual implications.  Hot Dogs or Pie.  For me?  Definitely Pie!
Pie. But it would have to 
be something awesome 
like Double Cream Lemon Pie.
Favorite swear word:
This is a word that I recently learned through twitter.  ASSHAT!
I have a lot but I’ve been 
known to use ‘Fuck’ as 
much as the cast of Superbad.
How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled with ketchup
Who would you rather see do naked jumping jacks:  Jack Nicholson or Aretha Franklin?
Wow, I would have to say Aretha.  Can I say neither though?  These are images that I no need to scrub out of my head.  Where is my wire brush?
Oh geez, these are not 
good options as both will 
most likely have their fun 
bags flopping all over the 
place. But I think I’d rather 
go with old Jacky boy. I’d
like to see what exactly has
been driving the lady’s wild
for years.
What’s more evil: Possums or Satan?
This is a trick question, isn’t Satan a Possum?
Possums. They’re disgusting
giant rats *shudder*.
Should jelly shoes make a real comeback?
I had to Google this, because, um, I just had to.  And I should say I hope not. 
Absolutely not. There’s 
nothing worse than sweaty
feet other than being able 
to see the feet actually 
In your opinion, what is our most pressing concern as a society today?
Whether or not Blogger will shut down this week, again.
There are so many….
Politian’s are corrupt, 
our gun laws suck, we’re
in countries we have no 
business being in, taxes 
are too high…shoot, gas
prices alone are too high.
*rant over*
If avoiding laundry was a sport, how would you place: gold, silver, or bronze?
I would be disqualified because I love doing laundry!
GOLD all the way!
If you were royalty, what would your official title be?
I would probably be the Royal Duke of Scottsdale,  or something.  (for the record I have never been to Scottsdale.)

Duchess Lin of You’re 
Always Wrong & I’m 
Always Right
Please write the first word(s) that comes to your mind for each of these:
Erectile dysfunction
Taco Bell
Miley Cyrus
Sporks Sporking
Erectile dysfunction  blue pills
Taco Bell Yummy stomach death
Zombies Not a bad way to go
Wine Twitter Jail
Dandruff Shampoo
Smurfs Boobs (I feel I need to explain.  Katy Perry is playing smurfette in the new Smurfs movie.  When I think of her I think of boobs.)
Miley Cyrus No Talent Hack (At least my kids think so.)
Sporks – Awesomeness
Erectile dysfunction – 
Henry Winkler
Taco Bell – Ugly dog
Zombies – Apocalypse
Wine – Red
Dandruff - Shampoo
Smurfs – Nerds
Miley Cyrus – Overrated.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, how much do you love my blog?
This is a pressure packed question!  I would give you a 9.9995.  You are pretty freaking hilarious!
Gonna be honest, I’ve 
only been here a few times
but so far I’m diggin’ it so
I give it a… 9.5! Yay you.
Any final words?
You ever have one of those moments were you just want to be the funniest that you have ever been but the words escape you?  Yeah this is that moment! Thanks for having me!
This was fun! Sorry for 
my wordy answers, it jus
t goes to show I don’t have
many friends & will talk 
as long as someone listens.
I mean, what? Ha, I have 
tons of friends, I swear.

Go read them and follow them.  Now.  Do it.  Don't make me tell on you for being defiant.

And if you've missed them, check out Rounds One and Two.

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