** UPDATED** Get Ready to Rumble. It's A Friggin Giveaway!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my blogger "face off" series. I've had a blast learning more about some fellow bloggers.....

I've also proven beyond a shadow of a doubt what I've already assumed for a long time...... possums ARE more evil than Satan.  Fact.  Almost every blogger in the face off went that route, except for Nicole and Hubby, but he totally doesn't even count because he was just a pity player to even out my rounds.  Nicole does count though because she's awesome, but alas, she's the only legitimate volunteer who said Satan, so that's like, what... 99% of the answers go to possums for being more evil?  Statistically speaking my numbers may be a bit off, but I'm not a statistician, so suck it if you disagree with my math.


To celebrate the end of my first series, I'm doing a giveaway! 
I'll pause for the applause to die down....

So here it is.

I recently did an entire kitchen remodel,  and in the process, the first floor bathroom got redone too. I painted it this BEAUTIFUL Tiffany blue color and planned on decorating in white accents. Trouble was, I could not find ANYTHING to decorate the room with that matched the color and didn't have a seashell in it. So I turned to the wonderful land of Etsy, where I discovered the amazing Jena and her lovely "Wash Your Hands" print. She worked with me to get the perfect color combination, and her creation is now framed and hanging proudly in my bathroom.  See? 

Not the best quality photo.  Sorry about that.  The buttery yellow color shows up much better in person. Note the fabulous Tiffany blue.  To. Die. For. (Hubby can suck it)

Jena also made me a print of two little girls' silhouettes with Bossy Girl's and Wee One's names on it.  It's crazy pretty.

Check out her cute stuff at her shop I Adore Decor. Wouldn't this make a perfect custom wedding gift? How about this or this in a little girl's room?  I love all her stuff, and it's ALL at amazing prices and she's a super quick shipper.

Back to the giveaway.  
I'm going to give one random commenter on this post their choice of custom 8x10 print from Jena's shop. You will pick it out and work with Jena to customize it to your preferences, and I will take care of payment and shipping fee to your home. How's that sound? (keep in mind the prize is a print only.  Framing and/or matting are up to you.  I found my matting and frame at the local Hobby Lobby for 50% off)

Here are the requirements:
1. Be a follower of this blog.  If you are already, awesome!  If you aren't already, then press that little follow button above and join our crazy crew!

2. Comment on this post. In your comments, please describe your ideal imaginary "face off" and who would win. Ex. David Beckham vs. me. He'd win cuz I'll let him. He'd be shirtless and slightly sweaty, then he'd pin me down... oops. Got a tad bit carried away.... But it's that easy. Pair up your own figures, real or imaginary, into a face off and describe why one would win. (zombie vs. Jaws, Miley Cyrus vs. Lindsey Lohan.... it's totally up to you!)

And that is it. Super simple with a nice pay off.
I will use the random number picker here and screen shot the winning for all to see.

Deadline for comments is Wednesday, June 29, 2011.  The winner will be announced on Friday, July 1!  One comment per reader please.

Now let's do this. 

The randomly drawn winner of the I Adore Decor custom print giveaway is.....commenter #8!! Ms. Mediocrity!!  I'll be in touch with info you need to start work on your prize!
Thanks to everyone who entered/commented!  More giveaways to come...

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